Project Description



Gustavo Fuentes, who goes by the name Flekz, is a 22 year old tape tape artist based
in Los Angeles, California. His murals can be found in exterior spaces throughout Los
Angeles and his works on board are becoming widely collected worldwide by designers
and celebrities alike. Before creating his tape designs he used to make paper
stencils. He later saw the potential of creating stencils by using tape, thus creating
the tape designs that he does now. Gustavo likes to find balance within his work, so
every line of tape that is laid down is countered with something that will keep that
balance. When he creates a piece, the energy he is feeling at the moment is projected
onto whatever surface he is working on. With all his artwork, he does not use any form
of measuring tools. This gives him more room for creativity and movement within his
work. Every new art piece Gustavo creates is a challenge for himself to make it better
than the last.


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