Project Description



My work deals with tandem obsessions: materials and mystery.

As a child, my mother would give me a number of random objects and challenge me to create something from them. I challenge myself by taking what is in front of me and making it into something interesting: worm-eaten wood, vibrant colored tape, or the curation of other artists’ work.

I’m aware that I don’t understand reality. I like to observe patterns as they develop, but also when they break down. I love strategy and tactics and am fascinated when they fail.

Create a rule.
Break a rule.
Create a new rule opposing the original rule.

Then, there are the archetypes. I am told that art is cultural, a form of subjectivity based on experience and figures with which the ages are pre-occupied.

Who are these figures?
Why do they exist?
What do they embody?
These are questions I explore.