Project Description



Klebebande Berlin is a tape art collective of Bruno „BeezeBoe“ Kolberg, Bodo Höbing and Nikolaj „NkoBu“
Bultmann. Together they have been operating since 2010 to create new and innovative art installations
such as murals, interior design concepts and art events all around the world. Their motives are often
influenced by urban structures and geometrical forms which stay in contrast with organic formations of
nature and animals.Working with tape means for them to discover new dimensions, to develop new
techniques and to expand into completely different zones of creation:
„…the most important thing though is that we are following our artistic passion – Tape is the new Paint for
Influenced by the people and places they visit, the Klebebande creates installations that can be either
abstract or figurative. They transform their surrounding in original ways, to create new images that can
excite your imagination. Using different materials in their work they even occasionally invade the world of
performance and stage design. By utilizing their own special techniques the Klebebande collective succeeded
in creating something truly special. Combining masking tape, different folios, spray paint and
other techniques like video projection which shows their unique work.


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