Project Description



During my diploma I experimented a lot with materials and fell in love with tape. I started my own tape-art
projects and experienced a flowing transition to self-employment. My partner Rob and I founded the TAPE
OVER crew in spring 2011. Owing to a large network of musicians and event managers I could present my
art to the public and use the city’s vibrant electro clubs as creative playground. This led the way to incredibly
interesting and inspiring experiences as well as the constant exchange and collaboration with other
artists. We are working as a crew, exchanging ideas and skills to express our art in different styles.
Through personal recommendations I was hired for my very first commercial job for Mercedes-Benz in
2012. I felt the high potential of this art form and focused all my energy on tape art. Now the only way
imaginable for me is to work independently on self-determined projects. Flexibility and freedom enabled
successful and fascinating project offers around the globe. Since 2011 the crew has grown from 2 to 6
artists, having reached a point where we can incorporate both free creative and artistic works as well as
creative brand communication. An incredible and overwhelming stream of opportunities has opened up in
the past years, giving us the chance to creatively work in previous unimagined environments such as film
sets, festivals, scenography, music videos, light installations and many more.


Bildschirmfoto 2018-05-08 um 16.44.58 Bildschirmfoto 2018-05-08 um 16.45.08LaMia_coral drop_rainforest installation LaMia_HUPU LaMia_peacock_chalet club