Project Description



My name is Slava „Ostap“ Osinski and I am an artist that is in love with urban art. I was born and raised in USSR, where I studied Architecture. In 1995 I moved in Germany. Since 2003 I’m living in Berlin. Here I started my way in street and tape art. I was the resident artist at Urban Spree Gallery Berlin from 2012 till 2014.

It is in Berlin where I discovered tape art six years ago. Since then I mostly work using this technique, but sometimes also mix it with other forms of art like classic street art, creating new ways of expressing oneself. I’ve been involved in different projects as a tape-artist since then. In 2015 I founded Berlin-based artist’s collective SELFMADECREW. Since then our works have been parts of various projects and exhibitions. We’ve been also doing tape art workshops, eager to spread this art widely and help others to open their creativity and ind themselves in it.