Project Description



Creative team Erica Duthie & Struan Ashby are ephemeral public artists and forerunners of the vibrant field of tape art. They have built their career on their ability to temporarily transform large architectural spaces with short-lived, whimsical narratives punctuated by portraits of passers-by. Their blue silhouette styled tape murals with expressive hand ripped tape lines often mix social history and live improvisational drawing. Struan and Erica’s compelling drawing performances have been showcased at many international festivals and special events over the past two decades (Dubai Canvas, World Buskers Festival, Womad, Disney World). Their tape drawn murals include physically ambitious multi-day projects that re-imagine art museum frontages; experimental collaborations – like their Taguraumer/Daydreamer project with poet Kate Camp for the Frankfurt Book Fair; and residencies in communities and healing environments.

More recently Erica & Struan have been evolving their art form at a pace – making vibrant street labyrinths and installations that weave tape drawing, colourful window elements, animated projections and audio components. Amidst the changes of approach these two maintain a strong interest in figurative narrative based mural projects.

As educators they share a wealth of experience facilitating workshops and collaborative public murals enabling artists to explore tape as a medium and working in the public realm.