Project Description



My journey as a tape artist began in San Francisco. As a city native, I was introduced to a diverse array
of art forms and entered the graffiti scene at a young age during the mid-1990s. I was immediately
drawn to the range of colors, shades, and shapes made with spray paint. As I grew older, my fascination
with street art transferred onto tape, stickers, and anything adhesive.
I experimented with tape art on a variety of surfaces, but more seriously after entering the metal
industry. In 2009, I discovered the ultimate canvas- galvanized steel. Its ability to maintain the integrity
of tape became the foundation for my style. Reflective tape is my secret ingredient, adding depth and
dimension under different levels of lighting. When I create a new piece, I allow it to evolve on its own.
The methods and materials I use to carve, weave, and layer tape transform it into balanced, symmetrical,
and often abstract artwork. This unique combination birthed the name I came to use to encompass
my artwork: Taped Metal Canvas.


IMG_8212 TapedMetalCanvas_DominicFontana_photo10 TapedMetalCanvas_DominicFontana_photo9 TapedMetalCanvas_DominicFontana_photo8 TapedMetalCanvas_DominicFontana_photo7 TapedMetalCanvas_DominicFontana_photo6 IMG_8217 IMG_8194