CHRISTIAN WINKELMANN DEUTSCHLAND Inspired my my job as a car designer at audi, i came up with the idea of tape drawings by using tape, a common used tool in car design, to create unique art pieces. My art work is described by sharp lines with distinctive colors put on several layers creating a [...]


EVI KUPFER GERMANY Farbiges Klebeband als Zutat urbaner Bildwelten: Eva-Maria Kupfer vermittelt zwischen Zensur und Zäsur. Die Klebebandbilder der jungen Künsterlin dekonstruieren popkulturelle Motive. In Klebestreifen seziert, wird der Mythos King Kong ganz neu kreiert. Illuminierte Monstermetropolen offenbaren in automateriellen Sequenzen die Unbewohnbarkeit kommerziellen Stadtraumes. Nichtorte verdichtet die Künstlerin zu Denkmälern ihrer eigenen Wahrnehmung, [...]


Felix Rodewaldt MUNICH | GERMANY Felix Rodewaldt graduated at the Academy of fine arts in Munich. During his time beeing a student he already became one of the most influencal Tape Artists in Germany. He started working with stencil and found his own fascinating way of persuing tape art. His meticulously taping deals mainly with the [...]



FABIFA BELARUS/GERMANY Fabifa has been practicing painting and illustration for her whole life. She was born in Belarus with the name Losikava Valeryia. She moved to Berlin years ago, willing to master new art techniques and to experience an alternative scene. She recently discovered Tape Art and developed a keen interest in this new support. She now [...]


KLEBEBANDE GERMANY Klebebande Berlin is a tape art collective of Bruno „BeezeBoe“ Kolberg, Bodo Höbing and Nikolaj „NkoBu“ Bultmann. Together they have been operating since 2010 to create new and innovative art installations such as murals, interior design concepts and art events all around the world. Their motives are often influenced by urban structures and geometrical forms [...]


LAMIA GERMANY During my diploma I experimented a lot with materials and fell in love with tape. I started my own tape-art projects and experienced a flowing transition to self-employment. Owing to a large network of musicians and event managers I could present my art to the public and use the city’s vibrant electro clubs as [...]


MR. GALLE GERMANY MR GALLE, Anfang der 90er geboren und aufgewachsen in Berlin-Spandau, sammelte seine ersten künstlerischen Erfahrungen im Waldorfkindergarten und schon damals musste man ihm die Wachsmaler förmlich aus der Hand reißen, um ihn zum Mittagsschlaf zu zwingen. Die Eurythmie mit den tanzenden Buchstaben und der Mathematikunterricht waren wegweisend für seine heutigen Arbeiten, in denen er [...]


OSTAP + SELFMADE CREW UKRAINE/GERMANY My name is Slava "Ostap" Osinski and I am an artist that is in love with urban art. I was born and raised in USSR, where I studied Architecture. In 1995 I moved in Germany. Since 2003 I’m living in Berlin. Here I started my way in street and [...]


TAPE THAT GERMANY We are a collective of six artists and formed TAPE THAT in 2011. Inspired by the possibility to create something new out of an everyday object, we mostly works with adhesive tape as a medium. With roots in the urban art movement, our works range from complex and colorful tape and light [...]