DAMIEN GILLEY U.S.A Damien Gilley (b. 1977, Westlake, California) is an artist and educator working in Portland, Oregon. His work exposes hidden architectures through site-specific perceptual installations that combine drawing and sculptural approaches. Drawing influence from vintage computer graphics, techno-structures, and science fiction the work integrates digital languages with the physical world to explore historical, current, and [...]


JAY WALKER UNITED STATES My work deals with tandem obsessions: materials and mystery. As a child, my mother would give me a number of random objects and challenge me to create something from them. I challenge myself by taking what is in front of me and making it into something interesting: worm-eaten wood, vibrant colored tape, [...]



MARK KHAISMAN UKRAINE/UNITED STATES Mark Khaisman’s representational works are rendered from carefully layered strips of translucent packing tape applied to backlit acrylic glass. The artist is mixing materials produced by technological society with themes derived from the media. Works are categorized into several archetypal groups: fragmented Hollywood rags, film noir stills, iconic objects of prestige from art [...]


TAPIGAMI UNITED STATES The art of applying imagination to tape! TAPIGAMI is an art form that can effortlessly jump from fine art installation to hands-on creative workshops for adults and children. At its core, TAPIGAMI is the art of applying imagination to rolls of tape. Social interaction and creativity fuels TAPIGAMI and the medium [...]


TAPED METAL CANVAS UNITED STATES My journey as a tape artist began in San Francisco. As a city native, I was introduced to a diverse array of art forms and entered the graffiti scene at a young age during the mid-1990s. I was immediately drawn to the range of colors, shades, and shapes made with spray [...]


T.W. FIVE UNITED STATES “T.W.FIVE” a mixed international artist collaboration duo residing in San Francisco. As a pair, we explore our opposite culture and turn our ideas and thoughts into massive sizes vinyl installations. The adhesive-backed vinyl comes in big rolls that we carefully hand-cut and placed onto boards or directly onto windows, walls, [...]