We initiated the Tape Art Convention in 2016, not only as an art exhibition but as a platform for artists and visitors to get in touch with eachother. Our goal from the beginning was to make tape art more visible and to start a global community around it.

In 2016 we started at Neurotitan Gallery Berlin - the only place affordable for a non-profit exhibition project like this. At this time we were proud to feature 9 artists, most of them met the first time ever in Berlin. In 2018 we doubled the number of artists to over 20 of which many have participated in 2016 already. We are super happy and proud to see the community grow and connect. All this wouldn't be possible without the absolut and mutual support and respect from each artist of the TAC. Thank you again for making this happen together with us! 2020 will not only be bigger, but also more interactive, more diverse and informative.

copyright: TAPE THAT